Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I suddenly felt that i am craving for pasta, pizza, spicy chicken and macaroni. I am looking for the taste of it. Maybe because it's already been a week now that i have only eaten rice, vegetables and oatmeal. I just felt now that i'm looking for a particular taste and i remember what i have eaten a few weeks ago when my friend who just flew back here from her work abroad , treat me to eat outside. We had eaten at Greenwhich Pizza and we have choosen the big time meal which composes of pasta, pizza, chicken, macaroni and ice tea ....Whew! it is really a big meal and it was really satisfying. Now i suddenly crave for those and i am thinking to treat myself over the weekend just to satisfy myself. I can't really wait because i am so excited, i just wish my cravings won't fade off till the weekend :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

First Post

I was kinda bored today maybe that's why i am here now writing my very first post for my new blog. I'm not really sure what to write though but i guess a short thoughts would be fine. I was hoping to find worthy things to do online. Something that interest me but i guess my thoughts are somewhere. I think i have been browsing for almost 2 hours now and yet it doesn't satisfied me as to what i really want to do. Anyways, i guess i just wanted someone to talk to but unfortunately i had no one here so i was thinking this may help me somehow.