Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Farewell For Now

It's been a while now since i posted about getting into a caregiver course and now its nearly finish. At first i thought i am not going to survive it not because of the course itself but because of the people i am going to mingle. I thought i would have hard time adjusting but i was wrong because in just a few days i became comfortable with my new meet friends and now  we have built a strong bond with each other.

Now that some of them are nearly finish I'm sure we will miss each others company. It will never be the same as we are all together. They're not going to wear their scrubs suit anymore and they will surely miss seeing our teacher's in their medical nursing scrubs. I am surely going to miss the noise, the laughter, the gimiks as well as those irritating moments. Some of us well be left behind to finish some modules  and its not going to be long before we said goodbye too on our uniform and scrubs. I hope that's gonna be soon, so we can be together again on the graduation.