Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Famous David's Cookies

Baking always fascinate me as i find it very interesting and i guess i may consider myself good in this field. Oh well, just my personal evaluation. Anyhow, i think it's the passion that make the person good. However, i couldn't consider myself good as David Liederman. He was a famous top chef in New York and the man behind the creation of David's Cookies - which specialty is chocolate chip cookies that could be smelled for miles and i guess many have already known him.

Anyway, as the result of his success his recipes won many awards which includes the best chocolate chunk cookie. Right now, David's Cookies had 250 cookie shops throughout the world and they have loads of treats to offer on different events or occasions as well as variety of delicious recipes including my favorite cheesecakes and brownies. Oh gosh! i personally love it and i guess no more diet when it comes to this.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Money Online

Many people nowadays have found internet as a great tool for earning extra money. Actually, some are earning loads of cash by just blogging and selling online. Well, i guess those were the experts who have found the secrets on how to earn loads of money online. However, there are many who have found ways to start earning online at least for extra income like for instance joining in forums that pays for sharing thoughts or comments or making money joining social network sites and making money by joining affiliates . This only proves that it is indeed possible to earn money online. There's still a lot of ways around to make money online. It is just a matter of finding the real legitimate one that pays. So when you are planning to start making money online be vigilant about the site you are planning to join. It is advisable to do research or review first so you will know its feed backs.