Monday, March 29, 2010

Catching up

Its been over 4 months now since my last post. Don't know what brings me here at this very moment to feel the need to write but maybe i just feel bored. Anyway i know i had a lot of pending thoughts i should have written here since the last post i made but it seems like i suddenly lost my interest, my mood or whatever reason is that for not writing. Well the last time after my last post i was very pre occupied by my wedding preparations. I've been busy and stress out sorting out details. I was just able to breath and relax after the wedding itself. Oh well not really as my husband and i, had to sort out legal matters after the wedding day still. We both had no chance to spend time for ourselves to relax and enjoy our moment but we do understand that there are always glitches no matter how you make things as perfect as you can. Well nevertheless, we are both happy now that we surpass the trials we had and now we are proudly married. Our big day was indeed the happiest day of our life. We were able to achieved our dream wedding at the wonderful beach of samal island on Valentines day. Isn't that romantic?...well it is.... for both of us. Can't help it but to smile whenever i reminisced.....hehehe as if it was long was just last month and i still feel wonderful. Anyway i think i had at least put my lost thoughts this time and hoping some more will follow.