Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Template Again

Alright, i've been exploring online again and have change my template. I choose a free one from a website i found, not too much design just a very simple one. I like it because its 3 column but i know one day in the future i will change again that's if i'm still gonna use this blog. Not much time here that's why but looking forward to learn to make my own website and start all over again. Cross fingers! hehehe....

Anyway i am looking for a hidden code that was remain on my settings which came from my previous template. I couldn't find it as it still remain and merge on my new template...if you notice it " just use your imagination". I've already check my html settings but couldn't really find something hidden there. It's really annoying to see it on my page and its really tiring to change again. I really like to get rid of it because it doesn't look good. Well if anyone have same experience or if anyone knows how to get rid of it or anyone is expert there....a help or advice is welcome.