Friday, April 23, 2010

A Very Warm Week For Me

As i may recall, this week was a very productive week for me. I am learning a lot from my hands on training and i am having fun. However i am having hard time with the warm weather...phew!. It was indeed very warm. I could hardly breath when travelling to the city. I am sure i am not the only one having this kind of feeling.

Anyhow it's Friday today so i went for walk at the Park after the training. It was already 5 in the afternoon, so its not that hot as it was earlier but there are no cold breeze though.  I walk around and tried to take pictures of the place....oh well not really the place but i'm looking for a certain subject that may look better on my point and shoot camera as i am trying to explore it.

I haven't got much shot as it was starting to get dark and also there is not much subject to take, aside from the crowded people that are fuzzing around the exhibit. Not sure what exhibit it is but i guess its about Earth Day based on the writings i saw from their logo canopy and logo mats. So instead of joining the crowd i went to a nearby mall just to cool myself as it really warm and humid outside. I feel relieve the moment i got inside the mall as it really makes me feel cool and relax. Just what i wanted. 

Anyway what was there was also an exhibit of summer getaway places which of course includes Samal Island. In fact, most of the representatives there are from famous and new beach resorts in Samal including the beach resort where we held our wedding. I can easily recognize it even from a far distance. I did observed the colors of their trade show flooring and trade show carpet matches the color of their resort logo which is of course very important as that where they were recognized. There are new beach resorts as well that participated in the trade show. Well of course it was a good way for them to spread the news that they exist which i think is helpful for their business to grow. I must say that all of them are beautiful beaches. Some of them i've already explore and some  new are very inviting especially in this warm weather. It will be very nice to go swimming and explore. 

 Anyway, it was past 6 already and i feel hungry, so i decided to go home. I got home past 7 and feel dizzy...phew what a traffic jam! Very warm and hungry. But now at this very moment i feel fine and just feel the need to write. Soon afterwards i'll be going to sleep. Till next time.