Thursday, August 7, 2008

I got a Souvenir

I got a new key chain from my best friend Mom which originally give by her sister who just flew back here from work abroad. I was kinda late to visit them so that is why there's no "pasalubong" left for me. I told them it's not necessary and it's no need but still Auntie Delia give me something which is the key chain. I accept it and i appreciate their thoughtfulness. I am thankful and like the souvenir very much. It is a little shape fan that came from EspaƱa and i love it as if i went BTW! It's really from Spain because her sister is working on a cruise ship and she already explore some countries mostly in Europe. She had a lot of small souvenirs as well that she put at the door of their fridge and 3 little replica ships that she have work.