Sunday, August 17, 2008

Very Special Love

I can't help smiling whenever i remember the movie i watched earlier. It is a tagalog movie in titled "Very Special Love". It was funny and inspiring. I love the personality of the lady and of course the story itself as well as the life story of the guy is very touching.

I just realized something about one scene there wherein the guy was crying in front of his father and said

"Why i can't feel that you love me" the father said "it's because you have so much pain in your heart son, that's why and I am sorry that it's me who caused that pain. If i could undo things and correct it, i would still choose you to be my son because i am proud of you and i love you very much"

The guy was longing for love and trying all his life to prove himself to the first family of his father....Oh it was very touching really and of course it ended happily. Nevertheless, I have learned something from it and that is letting go of the pain in our heart in order to move on and live a happy life.

All in all the story was funny though it is not a comedy movie. You will really laugh and can't help smiling when you remember it afterwards. Anyways, i was just sharing some few of my short thoughts right at this very moment. I will be back soon for more updates.