Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Worm's on Chocolate

Do you love to eat chocolates? Well, i am not sure if you will ever like to eat one after knowing this. I couldn't really believe it myself since it was a very well known chocolate. Yesterday, my sister-in-law visit us and brought a bar of chocolate that she bought at her friend which happen to be working in the factory of the chocolate.

I haven't eat a piece of it yet since i was out for an interview but when i got home they told me that they brought me a chocolate. There was half left on the freezer since they've already eat the half earlier. Later that evening, i have eaten a piece of it and left some for my mum.

When i wake up the day after, my mum told me what she saw on the chocolate. She was about to eat it when she saw worms on it. Oh gross! I want to puke. I haven't noticed it that there was worms because i just eat it without looking. Oh well, i am not really that affected since i've only eaten a bit of it but still it's really disgusting to think about it. I don't think i will ever eat that same chocolate again.