Wednesday, November 5, 2008

ABC Tag - Who Am I?

While doing my visit, i have found this tag through one of my blogger friend Benchiegrace. I find it interesting so i decided to grab it.

My answers are the following:

A. Attached or single?~~~ attached
B. Best friend? ~~~ i had few best friend and some good friends as well
C. Cake or pie? ~~~ cake
D. Day of choice?~~ nothing in particular
E. Essential item?~~~ computer, digital camera and personal things that has sentimental value
F. Favorite colour?~~~ light colors, lavander in particular
G. Gummy bears or worms?~~~Gummy bears.
H. Hometown?~~~Davao City
I. Favorite indulgence?~~~Eating
J. January or July?~~~January
K. Kids?~~~None
L. Life isn’t complete without?~~~ my family and fiance
M. Marriage date?~~~ mid next year
N. Number of magazine subscriptions:~~~ don't have one
O. Oranges or apples?~~~Apples
P. Phobias?~~~ fear heights and fear of death
Q. Quotes?~~~ "Focus on things that are beautiful. Life is too short to waste on worries. Think about solutions and not of problems. Remain good even if other's are not."
R. Reasons to smile?~~~ oh well i guess there's a lot of reasons to smile
S. Season of choice?~~~ i guess its also Summer
T. Tag 5 people. there's a lot in the list but i'll think about it later
U. Unknown fact about me?~~~ hmmmm i have to dig it first hehe
V. Vegetable?~~~ anything
W. Worst habit?~~~ my sleeping habit, its really worst
X. X-ray or ultrasound?~~~ oh well both are important
Y. Your favorite foods?~~~ sinigang, adobo, hot & spicy chicken at KFC, inihaw na hito
Z. Zodiac Sign?~~~Leo

Now i'm passing this to my friends Marites , Glenndell and Junellean


Marites said...

thanks for this tag:) sorry if it's been delayed for some reason nawala akong tagboard, buti nalang pagbalik naa gihapon ang mga tag msgs:)