Sunday, November 23, 2008

Swelling Back and Hips

Just finished watching Miss Conginality movie of Miss Sandra Bullock. I had a good laugh at it. I suddenly forgot the swelling pain of my back and upper hips ..... but now talking about it i'm feeling it again. I'm sure it will give me hard painful time afterwards on bed. This pain makes me suffered for couple of days now. It comes and it goes and it is really painful. I was thankful i had this liniment named Pau de Arco. It helps me though at least subside the pain. I was kinda worried of this for a while. Well i hope it's nothing too serious to worry about. Anyways, just sharing. I will try to have some good sleep.....i hope..cross my fingers.. that's if the little boy next door won't cry like hell again and wake me up just when i fall asleep. Well i hope so because i badly need my sleep.