Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's not a bad day after all...........

It was a big mess today, not me or someone but it's our house. We have to get fix the bathroom and Dad has decided to furnish it as well so no one has the chance to used it yet at the moment. We haven't got the chance to even have a bath. The whole day of waiting feeling hot, dirt and sticky due to sweat is really not a good feeling. I couldn't even make myself work feeling uncomfortable but it was not bad after all at least i took my bath later afternoon when the worker gone home. It was a relief feeling refresh. The water is cold and it was really refreshing. Got back my mood and i feel much better. I had made special dinner for all of us since its my sister's birthday. Little nieces have fun playing and we had the chance to chat with sister-in-law at least for couple of hours before they go home. Just simple celebration really....not that extravagant. Well it was not a bad day after all.


Ivana said...

hahaha..i know..i know...there must be something good behind the bad stuffs..warmest regards from
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