Monday, August 10, 2009

$20,000 Meal

Well, the President Macapagal Arroyo denies the $20,000 meal. It says that it is a black propaganda againts her but who really knows except those people who came along with the trip. God only knows what is she really doing with the money of people that she supposed to take care. If its really the President who paid for the alleged $20, 000 meal then she should be ashame of herself.

Many of her people needs help and yet she enjoy spending that big amount for just a meal. What a waste of money? She should think of those hungry people in her country. Those that have lost their houses due to the recent typhoons. Those that are grieving for the lost of their love ones because of the calamities. Those that people that she keep promising for improvement and those that are unemployed. That big amount can be a big help but instead it was wasted only for a very posh wine and dine.

What is she thinking? If its not her who paid the said meal in Le Cirque in New York and that it was only given by someone as a gift then she should have been practical, to think that it is a big amount to spend. She should instead used it on a productive way. Don't get me wrong but i think spending that amount of money for a meal is too much. As a leader, she should be responsible for her action. Even if its said to be a treat of Romualdez, still its not appropriate to dine for that cost whilst people here in Philippines is suffering from poverty. Most of us are trying to survive for a small amount of food and worst some are not eating. Struggling to survive each day while she is spending that big amount. Its not really appropriate. Anyway, whatever is the truth, its her conscience that will hunt her for life unless she don't have a conscience. Hmmmm... what do you think?


Jenny0323 said...

Wow, 20,000 meal! Ang daming pinoy ng makakakain nyan sa Pinas!

Cheiza said...

indeed your correct!