Friday, August 7, 2009

Fried Tilapia and Malunggay Egg Soup

Alright! I've been thinking earlier what should i prepare for dinner. I want something different. Something simple, easy to cook and cheap. Well i had to be thrifty, had no choice. So i went to a small market nearby to see what can i afford to buy. I've seen fish tilapia and its quite cheap so i buy 4 medium pieces. Now while walking i was thinking how would i cook it... should i fry it? or should i mix it with vegetables? Hmmmm well i have to consider my family too what they would like but i know if i ask they will ask me back. Anyway, i'm the one to cook so they have no choice either..hehehe.

So getting back i decided to make a soup as a side dish upon seeing the Malunggay plant nearby. I will make a healthy soup that i called myself Malunggay Egg Soup. I am going to save money from this since i will not be needing to buy the vegetables as i will only pick it from the street but of course i bought eggs. Aside from that i have picked some Camote leaves for me to make a salad. So that was it, i was able to make a dinner for my family for less than a 100 pesos. I had some fried tilapia fish, Malunggay Egg Soup and Camote leaves salad.


S-H-Y said...

Wew sarap nmn ng tilapia and malunggay mo, miss ko na ang malunggay hehehe..